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The Dress-Down On Dress Rings Rate it

The Dress-Down On Dress Rings
Adding a selection of dress rings (or sometimes called cocktail rings) is an instant way to give more glamour to any outfit, a distinctive finishing touch for your special occasion. Dress rings are always en vogue, read all about them here..

The beautiful world of coloured Diamonds Rate it

The beautiful world of coloured Diamonds
Coloured diamonds are perhaps some of the most sought after jewellery at the moment, prized by celebrities and Royals alike. Find out all you need to know here...

This Summer’s jewellery must-haves Rate it

We’re taking a look at jewellery trends that are going to dominate this Summer’s wardrobe

Everything you need to know about June’s birthstone, Pearl Rate it

Find out about mother-pearl, artificial and freshwater pearl jewellery and some of our favourite pearl jewellery pieces available today

Egg Shaped Jewellery for Easter Rate it

Egg Shaped Jewellery for Easter
There are some truly egg-xtraordinary jewellery pieces out there, completely cracking egg-samples of jewellery that has to be seen to be believed. See where we’re going here? It’s Easter once again, and that means we’re getting a bit obsessed with anything egg related, including our bad puns! But enough of the yolks, in seriousness, here are some splendid egg-inspired jewellery pieces we love, ready for Easter.

What to do with Inherited Jewellery Rate it

What to do with Inherited Jewellery
If you’ve recently inherited jewellery but are unsure of what to do with it, this guide will show you the different ways other people have chosen how to make the most of it, and help you decide what to do; whether it be to sell it, reuse it or simply keep it as an investment, at Hatton Jewels we’ve advised 100’s of customers over the years with what to do with their inherited jewellery, so we know a thing or two! Here’s the best ways we’ve seen people make the most of their inherited jewellery.
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