Guide To Postponing Your Wedding

The Church of England has announced that it is limiting ceremonies to just five people. Such measures have prompted a number of brides and grooms to consider postponing their weddings out of safety for their guests, so If you find yourself having to postpone and reschedule your big day in these difficult times, hereís our guide to ensuring youíve checked everything off you need to, and how to navigate this difficult time.

Donít delay postponing 

For some vendors (your wedding vendors are your florist, cake designer, caterer, photographer, DJ etc) it will be very difficult to postpone their work if you tell them last minute that you wish to delay your wedding. What you donít want is to be in a situation whereby youíve paid the caterer and/or cake designer in full for instance and they start their work. There will also be lots of people rebooking for new dates, so if you had your heart set on the venue, you will want to ensure they have availability for rebooking.

Review the terms and conditions

This is made more difficult if you are planning a destination wedding. Most flights are now grounded but are offering full refunds or vouchers to book the same trip later on. It is highly likely that some deposits will be non-refundable, so what would be the advantage of cancelling your wedding? If you cancel the wedding, youíre back to square one and it is a financial risk. Postponing is the way to go, to help your vendors in these difficult circumstances of course, but also to protect yourself financially.

In terms of priority of vendors, we would say the following 1. venue and celebrant if any 2. catering (if not, think of the time to reorganise menu tasting, which may be a lengthy exercise... or fun, depending on your sensibility) and 3. then photographer. 

Contact your guests directly

A phone call is the fastest method to tell your guests about the postponement of your wedding, but more importantly to also check how they are doing. Most of your guests are worrying about their health, their family and jobs. They may not see any announcement on your wedding website. If you do have a planner, she/he can do a follow-up in writing by Whatsapp, email or by post for those with no computer access. You can follow up with a proposed new date in the future, but donít wait until you have one. It is better to contact your guests straight away after you have decided to postpone.

If there is anything we can help with, just use and weíll get back to you as soon as possible.

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