Fixing a broken wedding ring, how to repair and restore your ring

This week on the Hatton Jewels blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways you can repair a broken wedding ring, or any jewellery that needs some repair. Jewellery often has a huge sentimental value attached to it, especially wedding rings, and if the worst has happened, here’s what you can do to fix and restore your broken jewellery to its original splendour.  

Fixing wedding bands and jewellery at home

Some metals and problems are significantly more simple to fix with regard to jewellery and rings. Wire rings that have become misshapen or bent can be easily twisted back into the original shape, and jewellery made of flexible or malleable material can be mended with a wooden mallet and a mandrel, or with the metal rod that a ring is placed on to measure ring sizes.

If you have a ring made of a softer metal, such as Silver, simply slide the band down the mandrel until it stops. Using the mallet, gently tap the ring while turning the mandrel to conform the band to the perfectly round rod. Remove the ring, flip it over so that the side that was at the top of the tapered mandrel is at the bottom. Remember that too much tension can also cause the band to crack, a problem that's more difficult to fix. Repeat the light tapping to ensure the ring is shaped evenly. Though this fix can be used on plain narrow bands, do not attempt to reshape a band that includes diamonds or other precious stones - the force of the mallet could break the stones. 


Visit a Jeweller

A ring with a small fracture in the band or that is completely broken into two should always be taken to a store to be soldered and filed back together. While the ideal option is to return to the same store or jeweller from which the ring was bought, at Hatton Jewels, we can perform any viable repairs no matter where the ring was purchased.

All parts of the ring should be taken to the jeweller for repair, and you should note the ring's type of metal. Explaining the problem or accident that resulted in the break can also help the jeweller in their approach to repairing the ring. For a particularly sentimental or meaningful piece that requires a complex repair from significant damage, ask the expert to sketch or show examples of the final product with the repairs and adjustments before any alterations are made to the ring. This helps to ensure that the result – along with correct specifications – is what you both envision.


Sell your broken jewellery

If you don’t have any sentimental attachment to your jewellery, or you don’t want to go through the stages of repairing your jewellery, you can always look at selling your jewellery. At Hatton Jewels, we offer the best prices for second hand jewellery, paying its maximum market value. 

If you’re interested in jewellery repairs or selling your jewellery, why not book an appointment to visit our showroom in the heart of Hatton Garden in London. Simply book an appointment online, or give us a call on 0203 116 0069 and speak to one of our friendly, expert members of staff who can help guide you through any type of jewellery purchase or the repair process. We can also offer a fully remote service that adheres to the latest government guidelines on social contact.

We’ve helped thousands of customers over the years design custom rings (with our design your engagement ring service), choose the perfect present for an anniversary, sell jewellery and choose jewellery for many special occasions, so if there is something you’d like but can’t see online, we’re confident we can make it to your exact needs, just get in touch.




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