Everything you need to know about Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds, the most precious and rare form of diamond? They’re definitely a favourite here at Hatton Jewels. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this illustrious gemstone, from just exactly yellow diamonds are formed, to why they are so highly coveted. 

What are Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow diamonds are a variety of coloured diamonds. Many people are unaware that the precious stone, a woman’s best friend, actually comes in many different colours and are not just colourless. Yellow Diamonds are formed from the increased presence of nitrogen molecules within their structure. Interestingly enough, diamonds found at the very bottom of the D to Z colourless colour grading scale contain traces of yellow the further to Z you reach, however the more intense and strong yellow the Diamond has, the further up the fancy colour scale it will reach, increasing in desirability. The colourless grading scale goes from D-Z, whilst the true yellow Diamonds have a colour scale of their own, from Faint Yellow through to Fancy Deep Yellow.

Are Yellow Diamonds more expensive than Colourless Diamonds?

Though coloured diamonds can be rather expensive as a result of their rarity, yellow diamonds can be quite affordable and sometimes cost less than a colourless diamond of the same quality. A diamond with a lighter yellow colouring such as Light Fancy Yellow may be less expensive than a colourless diamond of an otherwise similar quality. Having said that, a Fancy Intense Yellow diamond or a Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond can exceed the cost than a colourless diamond.

What effects the price of Yellow Diamonds?

Due to the variation in yellow hues available on the Diamond market, it can be quite confusing that some yellow diamonds can have a lower price per carat than colourless diamond, but equally be a substantially higher price. The reason is simply because of supply and demand. A majority of yellow Diamonds may look yellow to the eye, but may have a hint of another hue mixed in, such as brown, green or orange, so yellow Diamonds without a secondary overtone colour are much rarer, therefore command much higher prices. As with colourless Diamonds, yellow Diamonds commonly have inclusions, but with a yellow coloured Diamond they are often significantly less visible, which means you can drop down the clarity scale without impacting the aesthetics of your item, saving yourself money. Even though large intense yellow Diamonds can fetch substantial price tags, they are usually still much lower in price than other coloured Diamond counterparts, such as the infamous Pinks and Blues.

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