Everything you need to know about Emerald, the Birthstone of May

Whilst we wait in the ongoing uncertainty of these times, we thought this week we’d bring you something to add some magic and sparkle to your day, the ever-enchanting world of this month’s Birthstone, Emeralds. We’ll talk about their illustrious history, and take a look at some of the most exquisite examples of emerald engagement rings.

Emerald jewellery history

Often cited as ‘the green gem of fascination’, in the last two centuries, emeralds have become an emblem of wealth, style and beauty. Many iconic women including Queen Elizabeth II, Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor have admitted to falling in love with emerald jewellery.

Emeralds are mined in Columbia, Zambia, Afghanistan and other countries, with Colombia famed for the high quality and rich green colour of its gems, as well as the expertise of its emerald cutters.

It is known to symbolise love, springtime and new beginnings in life. It is also the traditional gem for celebrating 55th “Emerald” anniversaries.

Emerald cut jewellery 

After achieving huge popularity during the Art Deco period, bold, rectangular shaped emerald cut diamonds are enjoying a fantastic revival today. Used for originally cutting emeralds, this style of cutting has been later used to cut many different types of gemstones, including diamonds. The rectangular shape with cropped corners beautifully announces a diamond’s excitement and feel of statement.

A vintage Emerald cut Diamond ring. A single emerald cut diamond is rubover set within a delicate border of grain set round brilliant cut diamonds. Each shoulder is similarly set with further diamonds. 

Emerald gemstones

Emeralds are made from the mineral beryl. Its green colour comes from chromium or vanadium. The word “emerald” comes from the Greek smaragdus meaning “green”.

It registers 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, similar to hardened steel. However, emeralds contain natural inclusions and can be quite brittle. They are evaluated emeralds in a similar way to diamonds – by clarity, colour, cut and carat weight.

A show stopping vibrant octagon Emerald dress ring surrounded by a double row of glittering brilliant cut diamonds. This striking dress ring is set in platinum with a pair of marquise cut diamonds set down the shoulders.

Selling Emerald jewellery

If you’re interested in selling your Emerald jewellery at this time, simply book an appointment online, or give us a call on 0203 116 0069 and speak to one of our friendly, expert members of staff who can help guide you through any type of jewellery purchase. We are able to offer this service fully remotely, with special care and attention given to following the latest government direction on social distancing.

We’ve helped thousands of customers over the years design custom rings (with our design your engagement ring service), choose the perfect present for an anniversary, sell jewellery and choose jewellery for many special occasions, so if there is something you’d like but can’t see online, we’re confident we can make it to your exact needs, just get in touch.

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